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"Made with: Marshmallow Twists®"  

1 OZ.

Do you love marshmallows? Well, we have the perfect treat for you! Freeze dried marshmallows are the perfect sweet snack, but with a crunchy twist! No more digging through the box of Lucky Charms to find ALL of the marshmallows.  We have them in one pack, and BIGGER!

The bags are completely resealable!

Made in the USA!

DISCLAIMER: Marshmallow Twists® is a registered trademark under license by Monark LLC. Krushin' Kandies is not associated with or sponsored by Monark LLC.”

Krushin' Kandies recommends NO SHIPPING of any of our products.  This is due to how fragile the candy becomes once it is freeze dried.  Unless you want the risk of "dust", we would prefer local pickup or delivery.

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